The Art of Slowing Down: An evening of art, calm & connection | 11/15

The Art of Slowing Down: An evening of art, calm & connection | 11/15

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Just in time for the busy holiday season, take an evening out of your normal routine to invite art, calm and connection into your life. On Friday November 15th, join us at Susan Eley Fine Art as we explore Angela A’Court’s new solo show, Space of Belonging, and use it as a launching pad to explore the art of slowing down with Growth Strategist & Executive Coach and host of the Crazy Busy podcast, Karin Bellantoni.

A’Court’s paintings use a simple and direct vocabulary to show the relationship of experience to expression of beauty and the quirkiness of every day moments. Her narrative and figurative works often focus on the space in between objects and provide the perfect backdrop for a conversation about creating time and space in our own lives. 

After a private walkthrough of the exhibit, during which we will learn more about Angela's art practice and inspirations, we will sit down for a fireside chat with Karin Bellantoni. Karin will talk about the benefits of slowing down and provide personalized tips and strategies for how to cultivate more calm, joy and simplicity in your life on a daily basis. 

There will be plenty of time for Q&A, as well as mingling with fellow ‘crazy busy’ New Yorkers for an evening full of art, calm and connection. Wine & snacks to be served.

Art of Slowing Down, 11/15:
I'm in!

Event flow:
6:30-7pm | Arrival & mingling
7-7:30pm | Artist talk & exhibition walk-through with Angela
7:30-8:15pm | Art of simplicity talk with Karin
8:15-9pm | More mingling & art-viewing

46 West 90th St, 2nd floor (btw. Central Park West & Columbus)


More about Karin Bellantoni:

Karin Bellantoni is the founder of “The 180” for Leaders - a 90-day intensive program for personal and professional turnarounds. The 180 transports executives, entrepreneurs and teams into the life and business they envision through accelerated change.

 A catalyst for transformation and an experienced entrepreneur, Karin’s first company became a multi-million dollar business in less than 2 years. Karin combines her high growth business expertise with a tough love approach to develop a qualitative foundation for a company's infrastructure. Clients often refer to her as a “game-changer”- and call on her to optimize human capital during times of explosive growth and uncertainty. 

Angela A’Court Artist’s Statement:

“I move slowly in the studio, so that ideas can free-float. There is a rhythm and pace here that enables me to feel my way around a painting. With a sensibility rather than an single idea, I'll begin painting so that randomness and equilibrium work along side each other. My working process is an explorative, intuitive mix borrowed from several disciplines, combining and alternating pastel with print or collage. 

My information comes from careful observation, from reflecting on a familiar scene and drawing a narrative from it. The scenes are not staged but usually stumbled upon, perhaps a friend's window sill, kitchen table or a glimpse of two people engaged in conversation. It is the overlooked aspects of everyday life that draw me in, a stolen glance of another's day to day and the rhythm of routine that we all share.

My experience in Japan is evident in my more recent work. Prompted by curiosity and a need to adapt to a different culture, I tentatively explore the surrounding new, in contrast with older recollections. I place a beloved cup next to a chicken wire lantern, unearthed at a Japanese flea market, and a new conversation begins. It's about absorbing change and finding a way through, using the spaces in between. The resolution comes in recognizing when a balance is found and there is a connection between the contrary: the new and old, the unfamiliar and familiar. 

I gather my visual language from the grace of everyday ordinariness, private worlds, unguarded moments, the unsaid - the trace of human presence. I paint what makes me curious and seek to render the truest emotional response that made me first stop and take note.”

About Susan Eley Fine Art:

Susan Eley Fine Art was founded in the spring of 2006 by Susan Eisner Eley as a salon-style gallery. Situated in an Upper West Side townhouse in Manhattan, the Gallery offers an intimate viewing experience, contrary to the more formal presentations of art in typical white box galleries. Eley opened the Gallery to attract a new, untapped audience for contemporary art and to provide regular gallerygoers with a fresh, alternative way to enjoy art.