Women of Culture is a NYC-based community designed to connect, empower and inspire women through carefully curated cultural experiences, conversations, trips and workshops that give women the tools to live more artful lives.

We see the arts as a tool for learning, growth and connection and believe their importance needs to be elevated in society as a whole. We believe women are uniquely predisposed to harness the power of the arts as a means of community building and creating positive personal and societal change.

Through our carefully curated cultural experiences, we encourage women to push their boundaries, discover new perspectives and more deeply understand themselves and the world around them — so they are better equipped to shape it.

At every Women of Culture experience, attendess will:
Discover new art forms, broaden your horizons and awaken your curiosity. 
Experience the power of art to transform, inspire and enlighten. 
Connect with a tribe of like-minded women.

"One Of my favorite meet-ups in all of nyc!"

"Alex is an incredible curator of all things culture in NYC. She makes it so easy to enjoy all the wonderful art, music, shows, dance, performances that this city has to offer.

Oftentimes, it's easy to say you're too busy, or there's always a next time but with Women of Culture there's no excuses to get out there and enjoy! All you need is a ticket, and Alex takes care of the rest.

In addition, the women who are a part of the community are all wonderful and welcoming. I attend the events solo but always make a new friend or connect with someone new or returning.

This is one of my favorite meet-ups in all of NYC!"

— Anonymous


"What an incredible group and amazing curation. There is such a great variety- music, dance, art, comedy. There’s something for everyone. And the community is simply wonderful. All of us are excited to take full advantage of the city and looking to make friends”

— Luyba


Another great evening with Women of Culture."

Alex did an excellent job planning a unique, fun, and interesting experience. It's always a pleasure to be with this group of women. 

— Suzanne

It was wonderful"

The women were smart and interesting; the brunch was lovely; and the tour was fantastic. I can't wait for the next group get-together. And kudos to Alex for arranging this and being so thoughtful and generous.

— Kat